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Are You Dealing with a Multitude of Outdated Systems Just to Get Simple Tasks Done or Have You Ever Lost Track of a Commission?

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Are you living in the archaic world of spreadsheets Just to try and figure out commissions, clients, trips etc?

As a travel agent I know all too well the problems with the current CRMs and agent software. Nothing I tried did the job. I resorted to the archaic world of spreadsheets just to track my commissions, clients, trips and more. Sound familiar?

Trying to integrate these outdated systems to make things work only made matters worse. In addition, the systems did little to nothing to help with marketing and branding.

I was spending so much time on administrative tasks (managing the calendar, following up, piecing together information and quotes), I could not close as many sales or talk to as many prospective clients. I was not able to effectively nurture clients because I was bogged down with day-to-day operations.

I was losing money.

The current systems are old, don’t connect with modern technology, offer little to no commission tracking, and do not offer branding and marketing opportunities. Managing group bookings can be such a slow and tedious job that many agents avoid this money making opportunity altogether.

What If There Was an Easy to Use, State of the Art Travel Agent CRM That Integrated Everything?

I have GREAT NEWS for you! I happen to be a software developer also
and out of the sheer frustration I said,
“There has to be a better way.”

A way to integrate Social Media, Email Marketing, Commission Tracking, Content Delivery, Group Bookings and Client Interfaces all in one CRM.

I contacted several of my software developers colleagues and formed a team to attack these problems.

Now after over a year of diagnosing each challenge, road mapping solutions and months of coding, we are ready to introduce:


Have you avoided the bonus commissions and tour credits in booking groups because it’s too complex?

How is Revolution Travel CRM different from the competition?

We extensively researched the existing travel industry software because like we said, we didn’t set out to create this software, instead, we found a necessity for it in our own careers as travel agents.

We found that no existing software provides an all-inclusive solution. Sure, there are softwares that do bits and pieces, but that requires multiple subscriptions and the hassle of multiple programs, it just isn’t worth the time or money.

Revolution Travel CRM tackles the administrative, marketing, sales and operational needs of the modern-day travel agent. We set Revolution Travel CRM up to give travel agents a sweeping competitive advantage, and that’s exactly what it delivers.

Revolution Travel is so easy! The platform is web-based and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. We have spent countless months in development as travel agents and alongside travel agents to give you all the benefits with the best possible experience.

Revolution Travel is instant! With clear instructions and an easy to use platform, you can be up and running with Revolution Travel CRM in no time.


Does Revolution Travel CRM have group functionality?
Yes! Making groups easier for our travel agents to handle was a top priority. Our software lets you manage group bookings on every level- from appointing a point of contact to managing different airports to planning and coordination, all in one central place.
Will this help track commission?
We know that a huge miss of previous travel industry technology has been in the lack of ability to help agents with commission tracking. Revolution Travel CRM not only has automated commission tracking, but will also send you alerts and notifications for overdue commission, helping you navigate your business with more transparency in projected and monthly earnings.
How will Revolution Travel CRM help with day-to-day tasks?
Revolution Travel CRM is all about increasing your efficiency, productivity so that you can make more money in less time. Our software is like having an administrative, marketing, sales and operations team behind you. We take care of these areas for an all-inclusive approach to your business:
How Does Revolution Travel CRM Help with Brand Building?
Building your brand – instantly branded documents that are ready to print or email, personalised quotes and itineraries in seconds, professionally packaged communications and documents at the click of a button.
How Does Revolution Travel CRM Help with Marketing?
Automated marketing and client nurturing – professionally written e-mail templates for every client stage ready instantaneously, an on-demand directory of 100+ marketing pieces to send to your clients that are relevant to their travel, alerts when emails or quotes have been opened so you know exactly when to follow up (Some of these features coming soon)
How Does Revolution Travel CRM Help Me Stay Organized?
A calendar and booking system built in, automated tasks and alerts that keep you organised, commission tracking, a visual view of client travel on any given day, week or month for easy access and control
Is Revolution Travel CRM easy to use?
Absolutely! Revolution Travel CRM is totally web-based so you can access it anywhere, anytime. We know you’re busy so we made sure that Revolution Travel CRM is easy to use. But just to make sure, we had travel agents test it out.
Does Revolution Travel CRM duplicate my data?
Revolution Travel CRM pulls your existing data and replicates it into the software to allow you to take full advantage of all features, from customer relationship management, to automated nurture e-mails and powerful marketing tools.
By sourcing your data and bringing it into the web-based platform, you have a consolidated view and centralised information. Two big advantages that will save time and make administrative tasks much easier.
Can Revolution Travel CRM help on the client relationship side of things?
When we asked about a ‘wish list’ many travel agents wanted a way to properly nurture leads and clients.
Revolution Travel CRM has seamless built-in client relationship management (CRM) tools that do the following and more:
  • You get automatic notifications to nurture your clients: Revolutionary Travel automatically lets you know when a prospect has opened your quote and when your client payments are due. Revolutionary Travel lets you know when your clients are about to depart and when they return from their trip! You always know what to say at the right time!
  • Revolution Travel has hundreds of ready to use content templates: You can turn on automated client nurturing for destination-specific content tips on packing for that cruise or Caribbean vacation and how to make the most of their first solo trip. Choose the template, type in your client name, and click send! Your clients appreciate this personal touch and see how you care.
  • Revolution Travel CRM links to your email and social media accounts: you get all of your leads in one place, so keeping on top of lead gen is easy!

Revolution Travel Puts the Fun and Passion Back Into Being a Travel Agent!

The travel industry is one of the most fun and exciting industries out there. But- more often than not, the manual work behind every quote delivered or booking completed means becoming an administrative assistant, a marketer and a secretary, too. Revolution Travel lets our agents enjoy the parts of the travel industry that they love the most by saving time and keeping everything in one easy place.

You are getting all this:

  • Commission Tracking
  • Trip Planning
  • Social Media - Connectivity
  • Email Integration
  • Client Portal
  • Travel Data Integration (Cruises / Fights / Hotel)
  • Pre-loaded excursion data (Project Expedition)
  • Group Travel Planning
  • Branded Content / Documents
  • Tracking Notifications
  • Enhanced Social Medai Marketing
  • Website Builder / Landing Pages

Client Testimonial

We took Revolution Travel CRM to travel agents who tested and provided feedback. From there we were able to build the perfect solution, powehouse that it is.

“The flow from lead to trip-building to payments is very intuitive and I love the fact that you can customise the sales and marketing preferences for each client. Much thought has gone into the design and usability. This will give the existing systems a run for their money!”

Frank Fenneran,

Four Corners Travel, Staunton, VA